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» From a one-man business to a public limited company ...

In 1914 Maurice Aelbrecht started a new business as a blacksmith, stove maker and ornamental metalworker at Ossenstraat 11 in Ghent.


In 1933 the company moved to Visserij nos. 11 and 12, and in 1955 its second site at Visserij 41 was also opened. At that time the business consisted of metal fabrication in the widest sense. The number of employees had risen to about 20.


In 1967 the one-man business was transformed into a private limited company PVBA Aelbrecht-Maes, with Georges Maes, the son-in-law of Maurice Aelbrecht, as its business manager.


In 1974 Roland Maes, the son of Georges Maes, was appointed as business manager.


From 1980 onwards the company engaged in regular export work, in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Barbados, Russia, France, West Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Nigeria, Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Angola, Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Portugal (Azores), Jamaica and Azerbaijan.


In 1989 a lease was acquired for the site at Skaldenstraat 131 and the present factory was built. At the same time the business was restructured to form Aelbrecht-Maes N.V., a public limited company.


In March 1993 Tom Maes, the son of Roland Maes, came to work for the company. In 1996 Hans Maes, the second son of Roland Maes, also arrived. Boris Pintelon, the son-in-law of Roland Maes, arrived at the company in 1999.


In this way the management succession at Metaalconstructies Aelbrecht-Maes was assured and four generations of know-how has been passed on.